Investing in your home by hiring a skillful painter // R&A Magazine

With all the painting gadgets we see on television, house painting seems like absolutely the easiest thing to do. Do these things actually work and is it really THAT easy to do a quality paint job?

Who hasn’t seen the TV commercials with the easy-to-use perfect edger that gives you exact cut lines or the rolling poll guard that NEVER splats a drop of paint? Oh, and don’t forget the can of paint that opens itself and magically covers your walls!

Every reputable painting professional has to laugh when they see those commercials. Is it possible that consumers are really THAT gullible? As the saying goes, “if it is too good to be true…”.

Take it from someone who has many, many years of professional painting experience, there is NO EASY WAY to paint–no magic wand that can be waved to get a professional look. Good paint jobs–like other skilled work–require thorough planning, meticulous prep-work and skillful execution.

If I have learned anything from my trade (and the others that I have worked) there is a RIGHT WAY to do a job and anything less is almost always viewed afterwards with regret—big time regret. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve come to the rescue of a do-it-yourselfer, especially those armed with an infomercial gadget. Don’t underestimate what a true professional painter brings to the table. Put it this way, nobody buys a $40k Acura with all the trimmings and tells the dealer to “hold the paint” and then proceeds to paint the car himself or runs it down to the local discount paint shop. Why? Because it is understood that such an investment deserves a finishing touch to match its value and quality.

Why then do some homeowners believe that a forty thousand dollar addition or remodeling project is not important enough to make sure that the finish—VISIBLE FOR EVERY HOUSE GUEST TO SEE—is not done to the same degree of quality as the project itself? Poor paint jobs stick out like a sore thumb—we have all seen them. Forget the commercials, do yourself a favor and insist on hiring a true professional who takes pride in their work and has the reputation to prove it. The 15% additional cost in the final finish is well worth the investment.

Joel Buch
Joel’s Painting