Eco-friendly Paint Services

Joel’s Painting remains committed to environmentally sustainable practices. When completing exterior or interior painting projects in residential or commercial spaces, we use products that cause minimal environmental damage and air quality reduction.

Our painting technicians use low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) paints for indoor acrylic work. VOCs are petroleum based solvents and evaporate from the paint as it dries. A cause of paint odor, these compounds release fumes into the environment for up to five years after the paint is applied. In addition to polluting the air and emitting greenhouse gas, these fumes cause unpleasant indoor odors and reduce indoor air quality.

Conventional acrylic paint brands include between 3-7% VOCs. Joel Buch Painting Contractor uses untinted low VOC acrylic products. They include less than 1% VOCs. Conventional oil-based enamel paints include 30-50% VOCs. Our untinted enamel equivalent products include only 8% VOCs.

Rest assured that our low VOC products remain washable and resist stains, like their conventional counterparts. In a huge range of colors, they release virtually no paint fumes or odors that trigger respiratory discomfort.

Additional the environmentally safe products we use include water-based interior enamel equivalents and plant or mineral-based paints. Check out these websites for more information about the green products we use in restoration, residential and commercial painting projects.

Glidden – Lifemaster
Sherwin Williams – Harmony
Benjamin Moore – Natura

What makes Joels Painting “green”?

  1. We are LEAD certified and a responsible contractor trained by the EPA in environmental low impact laws.
  2. We also help the environment by keeping what gets tossed in to the landfill at a bare minimum.
  3. We offer high quality low or zero VOC paint.
  4. Help you achieve the look you want while being environmentally sensitive and health conscious.

When you want environmentally friendly paint products, count on Joel’s Painting. We are LEAD certified, and our team members undergo EPA training in environmental low impact laws. We also strive to limit landfill waste by decreasing the amount of paint we throw away.

Contact Joel’s Painting for all your interior, exterior, commercial or residential painting needs. We’ll complete your project with environmental sensitivity as we reduce negative environmental impact and improve outdoor and indoor air quality.