Duff Brubaker

Interior 4

This is the home of a local celebrity…..shhhh   I can not say who it is, but they were very pleased by the job we did.  Take notice to the before pictures.  These rooms needed some love.  Joel’s painting is grateful to the designer who picked the colors and brought it all together.

Interior 2

This project was included in the gallery because it is a great representation of how clean painting lines and architectural design can make a room come to life.  In the painting world all brushes are not created equal…look for a painter that has clean lines!

Interior 1

What an amazing space this area became in the hands of a local designer. All of the trim was painted in super hi-gloss epoxy paint.  Although this is not an easy way to do it, the end result looks great.  Notice all the trim accents around the book shelves and bathroom.  Colors like the green walls grow on you and can be an accent in any room.

Truncated Ceiling

It is not often that you see these kinds of ceilings being installed locally, so this was a unique project. There is many things that have to be done right to take bare wood and make it look like it was all sprayed at once, when in fact each square has to be sanded, caulked, pimed and 3 coated individually by hand. The finished project is worth it…..what a stunning look to any kitchen.


Lancaster Beauty