Charles Snyder Funeral Home

We have been blessed to work with many community leaders and prominent people in our community.  This project was a full frontal restoration of the Snyder funeral home in Millersville.

General Sutter House

Dairy Queen Ephrata

We were asked to give the Dairy Queen in Ephrata a new look. Great new look and very happy customers!

Lancaster Parking Authority

This projects represents an initiative by the Lancaster Parking Authority to improve its identification system on the levels by color coding and graphics.  Please notice the attention to detail of the clean numbers, letters, and graphics.  These decals were all hand painted to comply to architectural specs.  See testimonials page to read more on this project.

Pawn Plus

Right in the heart of the downtown district, this building was ready for the Joel’s Painting touch.  The pictures included really show the awesome progression that this project went through.

Mamacita Pizzeria

Mamacita Restaurant is a local pizzeria established in 08.

Brickerville Family Restaurant

Located on the corner of 501 and 322, this Restaurant is as rich in history as the stones and beams that make up its architecture.  We were contracted in the summer of 08 to completely re do the inside and out with brand new color.  The lead designer did a great job incorporating the old charm of the building into a more functional family restaurant with great ambiance.  Stop by someday and enjoy great food and check out the paint.

Duff Liberty

Duff Brubaker


Simeral Construction  trusted Joel’s Painting and Contracting  on the Herman new construction project.