3 Key questions to hiring a painter … Prep, Paints, & Warranty // R&A Magazine

What painting company do I choose to paint the exterior of my home?

With the obvious bias (ha ha), I will give you some good guidelines to go by in making your selection for a painting contractor.

There are three important questions that can ensure you receive a quality job that you will be happy with for years to come. What prep will be done? What will be the finish paint used? What warranty is offered?

A quality long-lasting paint job begins with proper prep. In the painting world all paint jobs are not created equal. The actual painting is the easy part. Your project deserves a company that will pay attention to the dirty work

on a job, like scraping, sanding and caulking. These are the elements vital to a long-lasting job. Look for a company that sells you on the prep.

Make sure that the contractor is offering you the best possible finish. Most paint companies have a top-of- the line paint. Quality paints are better and more expensive for a reason. They have a greater chemical make up and years of research to ensure their durability. Like all good purchases, a

little internet or store research will be helpful in educating you. Generally, the more expensive the better in the painting world, especially when it comes to materials.

Lastly, make sure that your prospective contractor gives a warranty. As you know, a paint job can be a sizable investment and worthy of some security. A good rule of thumb for warranties is a year. This should cover all cracks, pops or blemishes in the finish. All top-of-the line paints carry a warranty. It is the labor end of things that you need to be concerned with.

Remember, a paint job is more than just adding color. When done right, it will be an investment in the beauty and value of your home.